Calacas Chidas: Horas Extra APK

Calacas Chidas: Horas Extra APK Beta 下载 对于Android

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Alan Abrin
Beta 对于Android
8月 21, 2023
478 MB
6.0 and up

Calacas Chidas: Horas Extra APK revolves around the story of an abandoned Mexican restaurant. You spend your night shift here, where everything happens. The strange sound at first seemed like a rat or animal, but as the volume increased, the sound got louder. As you look through the camera, it becomes evident that some things have remained the same since you arrived. This place is locked until next Monday and all doors are locked.

It's not just about staying alive until five nights in this FNAF fan game. This place is apparently not as it seems. It would be better if you discovered the truth about it as well. The reason is that this place has some hidden machines, yet you are unaware of them.


You took the night shift because of the excessive pay offered by the oxxo of Calacas Coolas, not knowing that the employer was located in the most culera neighborhood (Lomas Turbas). The danger has now become constant for you.

This adventure of CALACAS CHIDAS begins with a well-known character returning to guide and assist you. Will you manage to survive this adventure?

For those who are not familiar with the game, a basic guide is available to you in the pinned post on this page (Scroll down).


You will experience more and more fear with Calacas Chidas: Horas Extra APK. Our goal in this version is to make your nights more enjoyable than in previous versions. Fighting must continue until the end of the game. A longer night where more dangers await you can be made in this game.

There are certain types of games that can give you nightmares, including Calacas Chidas: Horas Extra APK. These monsters can be beaten with all the tools available to them, but their power will be limited. For a battle to succeed, you need enough power.

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