Codename - Jump APK (代号:Jump)

Codename - Jump APK (代号:Jump) 0.70.0 download for android

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0.70.0 For Android
Updated On:
3月 16, 2023
610.85 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
Role Playing

Let's join a fun game, are you a fan of anime fighting games? Anime-based fighting games are very fun and engaging which gives a special pleasure to play, If you want to play one of the best anime fighting games then download 代号 Jump APK and get lost in the anime world.

Playing with different characters in one game today sounds interesting, doesn't it? As usual, we bring you another game with some new features. Are you interested?

About Jump Moba APK (代号:Jump)

It is a competitive multiplayer MOBA game where you can have exciting matches with tons of anime characters. Each character has its own special abilities and skills, and you can perform a variety of moves with these warriors who specialize in different fighting methods, Playing with these characters in the game will give you immense pleasure.

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Even though there aren't many heroes right now, the follow-up is improving, and there will be more heroes in the near future. Current conditions are divided into two categories. Map and gameplay mechanism can be recognized, supporting the game's black opening.

Players can control their favorite characters to compete in legendary duels with characters from other works in Jump Moba APK (codename: jump), a big dream-like battle that brings together many famous characters from hot-blooded comics. With the Unreal 4 engine, this work is different. Also, the dazzling battle is beautifully restored, and you can also enjoy the effects of great skill and amazing knife displays.

New gameplay and content are available for players in CodeName Jump. It also offers you more gaming options here, so you can find out what works for you. In addition to experiencing new battles constantly, players can also try out new modes here. You'll Feel More Passion When You Play 2D Comedy Style Battles.

This is a simple and attractive game in which you can participate in the competition with your favorite character and challenge your opponents. Fight against opponents with multiple dangerous fighting skills and use different powers to defeat them and show your valor in this bloody competition.

Classical Gameplay

In the game, you get to see great classical gameplay, so you will be able to feel a special kind of pleasure. In a very exciting and artistic game, you are given special powers to compete with the opponents, so that you are able to move forward in the game, as well as you can use them to survive in this game full of different difficulties. Is.

Build and use different strategies with the classic 5v5 map as well as customize your characters with different skins.

  • Classic theme-based gameplay
  • Very exciting experience
  • with lots of different anime characters
  • Play with friends and cooperate with them in battle
  • Various customization options are available
  • A lot of skins and various effects available in characters

Jump Moba APK (代号:Jump) has the following features

An anime character appears exclusive skills are revealed, a final battle is fought, and it is very exciting to see what happens;

The movements you release will be very deadly, you should protect your honor and eliminate more enemies quickly;

Endless conflict, running across the big battlefield map, and overwhelming attacks are very satisfying. Changing the composition of teams, offensive and defensive strategies of classic 5V5 transforms Moba's unique experience

Positions are allocated and battles for strongholds are fought in 10-15 minutes; the rhythm is accelerated, the battles are more exciting and they can be initiated at any time; Tanks, warriors, witches, shooters... You can combine your skills freely to form a stronger team and fight your enemies together with joy.

A mobile MOBA game code-named JUMP is primarily based on 5v5 battles. Characters from the JUMP comics are all present in the game. Throughout the story, 11 characters appear. You're going to have a blast with this fight.

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