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Codename Jump APK 0.70.0 download for android

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0.70.0 For Android
Updated On:
3月 16, 2023
610.8 MB
Required Android:
7.0 and up

Get ready for an engaging duel with your favorite anime character!

The Dragon Ball mobile game is a fast-paced action game with a huge open world filled with many familiar Dragon Ball faces.

About Codename Jump APK

It is five-player multi-player game that features anime-styled characters and colorful graphics. A true strategy game, it pits you against ferocious foes in a frantic battle. Create your game face and get playing!

In intense battles, you control your favorite anime character and guide your forces to victory. Win over your opponents on the battlefield by dominating. There must be extraordinary strategies to outsmart and defeat the opposition in this situation.

An anime character's strengths and limitations are unique to them. If you want to achieve the best results, you will need to utilize their diverse talents. Make sure your characters are modified for maximum efficiency on the battlefield as well.

There are many tactical challenges in this game that test your expertise and knowledge. Developing war plans, ensuring victory in combat, and honing your strategic thinking can all be accomplished by using it. You will never regret taking this adventure!

Fun gameplay you're used to

At Codename Jump APK, you can choose among 3v3, 5v5, or 1v1 gameplay modes that suit your preferences. Rank up to compete for the top spot and challenge your tactical thinking with chess.

A champion can be chosen before each fight, just like in other MOBA games. During a match, blue or yellow eyes can be attached to keep track of your team's movements. You can then come up with reasonable strategies with your teammates to win the championship.

A cartoon character with a fiery temper

Goku and many other jump protagonists can be found in this new Dragon Ball Z MOBA game! Unlock a variety of hot anime characters. There is something unique about each of them. You can explore the vast map with your favorite character, visit different locations and scenarios, interact with NPCs to gather more information, and experience the deep storyline.

The best epic duels to have fun with

A duels mode may be a good choice if you are not satisfied with the classic 5v5 multiplayer game mode. Try your hand at the black duels mode with random players online or challenge your friends to face off.

Gameplay that keeps you on your toes

It is very easy to get caught up in the action in this game! You'll find Codename Jump to be the game you're looking for if you like quick action gameplay. Become a warrior within minutes by picking your favorite anime character and controlling your avatar.

There are twists and turns in this complex narrative

In this game there are many twists and turns, as well as many options to choose from. If you make a decision, be aware of the consequences. It is possible to achieve different results based on different decisions. 

The goal of Codename Jump APK is to traverse three-dimensional platforms in the fastest time possible, using your reflexes and agility to achieve the best time possible. Many obstacles, such as pits, enemy robots, rotating platforms, and pits must be avoided or destroyed by players by using their special abilities, such as wall jumping and double jumping. As you progress through each level, you will collect energy boosts and coins that you can use to upgrade your character's abilities.

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