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Dezor APK 1.1.2 download for android

App By:
Dezor SA
1.1.2 For Android
Updated On:
3月 20, 2023
80.8 MB
Required Android:
6.0 and up

Recent years have seen a significant change in how we browse the internet. Yet many browsers today do not offer anonymity, a feature that has become increasingly important to users. Thankfully, Dezor is on hand to help.

Using Dezor APK, you can access websites just like you would with any other browser. A VPN is integrated into the software, allowing you to access blocked websites anonymously and safely.

It provides an integrated ad blocker that prevents annoying ads from polluting your screen. Rather than being distracted by annoying ads based on your internet history, you can now concentrate on the content of a website.

Other than that, Dezor is similar to Opera and Firefox in almost every regard. Input any website into the address bar and the application will open that site quickly, have an uncluttered interface, and open that site quickly. Keep your bookmarks up-to-date by importing them from your current browser!

Browse the web or run a search

A clean interface greets you when Dezor loads, along with a combined URL/search bar. Google will be taken directly to your search results if you select the bar to perform a search. Entering a URL will give you a direct link to your chosen page, just like any other browser. There are no frills to deal with when browsing with Dozer.

Virtual private network integration

As far as I can tell, Dezor APK seems like any other browser. This browser includes an integrated VPN, however, which makes it a key difference. Therefore, if you want the security of a VPN while browsing the web, you don't need to download a separate application if you use this browser.

A browser that is an alternative to the bigger ones

You may want to consider Dezor if you're looking for either an adblocker or VPN or just want to try out a new browser. With it, you'll find all the features you need in a modern browser, plus a few additional features you won't find in any other browser.

Anonymity is normally only possible with additional tools installed on your computer. With this combination, you don't need to install any additional software on your computer. In particular, if you are using your mobile browser by default, you may encounter this issue. You will be able to browse the web in the same way as before and enjoy the same functionalities, such as bookmarks, session history, downloads, incognito tabs, etc.

An excellent browser 

Dezor APK is a welcome addition to the web browser options even if you don't use it due to its privacy features. There are no distracting or obscure icons in the interface, which makes it straightforward yet elegant. 

Besides customizing the interface, you can also choose your default search engine and set up a dark theme. The settings menu offers a variety of options, but tapping them is all it takes.

Extra security by using an ad blocker

While it's a secondary tool, the ad-blocker truly makes a difference. By using this feature, no more annoying extra tabs or useless pop-ups will appear, and your privacy will also be protected.

In contrast to their other software, Dezor's developer states that the browser is all about browsing. A modest statement since it offers a developer mode, as well as the ability to choose how many simultaneous downloads to perform. Downloads can also be enabled or disabled while on mobile networks with the browser. Mobile users with limited data plans should be pleased with this news.

Conveniently connect to the Internet

Travelers who lose access to local content frequently should consider Dezor. This browser, however, is also useful for those who are interested in watching international TV shows. Almost all of these tasks can be done by tapping an icon in this browser.

It is possible to use the VPN function effectively even if you don't have some specialized software in hand. In addition, all websites render the same way regardless of which browser you use. As a result, Dezor APK is an excellent browser for these specific tasks as well as your everyday browser.

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