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You might just find Filipino Chicken Adobo to be your new favorite Asian chicken dish! A few everyday ingredients make this recipe effortless, producing juicy, tender chicken with a sweet and savory glaze and a little heat from peppercorns.

Chicken thighs MUST be used in this recipe - no chicken breasts allowed!

This offline app allows you to cook Filipino cuisine at home in the comfort of your own home.

Recipes from Philippine Cook Book are featured in this book. Explore Pinoy food recipes to learn more about the Philippines' cultures.

Filipino Adobo Chicken Recipe

Filipino chicken stews like Chicken Adobo are made from chicken. A marinated chicken breast is fried and stewed to tenderness in soy sauce and spices. Besides being delicious, the dish is also easy to prepare.

There is no doubt that chicken adobo is one of the most classically and quintessentially Filipino dishes. Throughout the years, chicken adobo has been a popular variation of the dish -- and for good reason!

The combination of juicy chicken and the umami flavours of adobo make chicken adobo a comfort food for children and adults alike. It's a mouthwatering meal that's loved by kids and adults alike!

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How to make Filipino Chicken Adobo

The sauce needs fat to transform into a glaze, so boneless skinless chicken thighs cannot be substituted;

There are two types of soy sauce: all-purpose and light. There is no dark soy sauce in the bottle (dark soy sauce will be clearly labeled as such);

Plain white vinegar - just for everyday use. You can substitute rice wine, apple cider vinegar, or sherry vinegar for this;

A mixture of onions and garlic;

A coarsely cracked peppercorn, or peppercorns;

The best sugar is brown, the best sugar is white;

It's okay if you don't have bay leaves - fresh or dried;

An optional garnish would be green onions.

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