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Flamingo cards APK 1.0.3 download for android

1.0.3 For Android
Updated On:
7月 27, 2023
31.87 MB
Required Android:
4.0 and up

With Flamingo Cards APK, your nights with friends can be filled with excitement and fun. Bring Flamingo into your circle for an unforgettable experience and put an end to boring and weird party games. The cards in this game were created with college vibes in mind, making sure you and your friends have a good time. A true celebration of college culture, Flamingo is the game you have been waiting for.


We created this app to offer college party-goers an engaging and thrilling game that embodies college life. Due to a lack of interesting college party games, the developers developed Flamingo, a game that promises to bring a whole new level of excitement and fun to parties.


In the app, players can choose from a variety of card packs, each with a unique theme and experience. The packs come in different moods and preferences to suit each player. As players interact based on the cards drawn, they are able to bond, laugh, and create unforgettable memories.

Features of Flamingo cards APK

Party Pack for Flamingos

For college gatherings and social events, this is the pack to choose from.

The tea bag spilled

Among friends, this pack promotes trust and camaraderie while inviting players to disclose their deepest secrets.

Pack for chilling out

It is an opportunity for players to contemplate life's deeper questions and engage in self-reflection.

You can get Naughty Pack for free

This pack explores playful, light-hearted topics that everyone will enjoy, adding some spice and fun to their night.

Benefits include:

Vibrations of college

Designed to appeal to young and adventurous players, Flamingo Cards APK captures the essence of college life.

A Memoir of a Lifetime

Laughter, bonding, and long-lasting memories are guaranteed with the unique card packs.


It's easy to find a pack that suits the mood and dynamics of your party because different packs cater to all manner of moods.

Take the first step

Friendships are strengthened by flamingos, a great icebreaker that encourages open communication.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1: Is Flamingo Cards APK suitable for all ages?

A: It is designed for the college crowd and contains content that may not be suitable for younger players.

Q2: How many players can participate in the game?

A: This app is best enjoyed with a group of friends, and the number of players can vary based on the party size.

Q3: Can I create custom card packs for Flamingo?

A: As of now, the game offers predefined packs, but the creators may consider custom pack options in future updates.


Your fingertips are the only limit to what you can accomplish with this amazing app. You can use this game to spice up your social events by injecting excitement, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Flamingo offers a variety of unique card packs catering to different themes and moods, ensuring an exciting and fun time with friends. Let Flamingo take your party life to new heights by gathering your friends and unleashing your wild side. Make cherished memories with Flamingo Cards APK and spice up your nights.

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