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Lofi Cam APK 1.4 download for android

App By:
PixelPunk Inc.
1.4 For Android
Updated On:
3月 16, 2023
41.2 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up

Are you still worried about taking selfies, girls who love beauty? You might want to check out LoFi Cam: the camera app, formerly known as "Kacha Camera", offers a unique experience when shooting.

With this camera, you can experience the 80s like you're back in the 80s. You can turn yourself into a street shooter by using retro filters. Film filters have an unparalleled texture that mimics the color tone and graininess of the originals. A film that was manufactured in the factory has a specific texture.

Additionally, the Lofi Cam APK provides a lot of stickers that can be used by your friends who take pictures, including cat heads, rabbits, donuts, Sina wedding dresses, etc., so that you can transform in just a second into a second Cute one. Additionally, it can also be used to edit images, including beautification, whitening, fill lights, and beauty filters, in real-time, which can definitely meet the needs of all users. Let's make sure that everyone who is interested in the experience has a chance to download it as soon as possible!

About Lofi Cam APK

With This app, you can create retro digital images easily and quickly. For users to choose from, the software features a variety of retro camera models and filters. As a result, users can shoot retro blockbusters anywhere and anytime with the software. Using the online process to slice is more convenient. It is simple to operate and easy to use, so users can customize exposure, color temperature, noise, and other data. LoFi Cam is free and open to everyone.

You can edit photos on your mobile phone very quickly and easily, and the management is very simple;

With the many beautiful filters available here, you can create any type of photo you want;

There are also powerful editing and filtering functions included.

Interesting Features of the app

  • A mobile phone is also capable of taking clear and high-end photos with beauty filters and advanced texture filters in real-time;
  • Retouching, editing, bordering, mosaicing, and many other beautifying features;
  • In seconds, you can become a delicate little fairy with the dynamic camera and dynamic stickers.
  • With a magical picture-in-picture effect, magnificent large posters, will add artistic sense to your photos

  • A fun collage of color: fashion posters, classic photo combinations, enjoy the joy of variety;
  • Suitable for landscape photography, the photo has a cool blue-green tone reminiscent of a Japanese movie.
  • Known for its warm yellow tone and grainy texture, it is geared toward street photography because of its retro film feel.
  • It is full of color and is capable of faithfully presenting tones and details. It can be used for a variety of photography scenarios.
  • Low saturation and faded colors give the photo a nostalgic feel; the skin tone is good, making it suitable for portraiture.

In the pre-industrial era, handwork and machinery were seamlessly integrated with the leather chamber camera, an elegant and dexterous device. Brownish-yellow tones appear in the gudak pictures taken with the 120 V medium format camera.

The romantic pink and purple colors of the PINK camera create a dreamlike sense of fairytale, in which even the air is soft and creamy. Let these pink candies be your token of appreciation for your soft and graceful personality.

In addition to girlish buling sparkling effects, Kira is equipped with the most modern technology.

Additionally, we offer fisheye cameras and dual-lens zoom cameras. You can create vintage photos with these Analog Cameras.


  • A thin face and big eyes: skin smoothing, skin whitening.
  • You can choose from many fantasy filters and apply the comic effect with just one click.
  • Almost 100 kinds of cute pendants, from cat ears to rabbits to donuts.
  • A lot of exciting content on entertainment gossip, including Victoria's Secret.
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