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Onic APK v1.0.18_ONIC.release-rc-v1.0.18 download for android

v1.0.18_ONIC.release-rc-v1.0.18 For Android
Updated On:
7月 29, 2023
65 MB
Required Android:
6.0 and up

As Pakistan's first digital telco, Onic APK is a revolutionary digital platform that provides seamless connectivity and effortless accessibility, offering users a plethora of opportunities to interact, create, and collaborate on the go. 

Providing hassle-free access to high-speed data, Onic is focused on making sure users can work, socialize, and play without worrying about tracking data usage or losing balances. The Independence Network helps users experience a world of connectivity and celebrate their independence through Onic's digital-first approach and exciting lifestyle offers.

What is Onic APK?

With the app, Pakistan's digital-native generation can cater to their telecommunications needs. Providing users with stress-free mobile data options to support their digital lifestyles, it offers high-data plans designed with simplicity at their core. It is important to Onic that its users have seamless access to their services so that they can do so whenever and wherever they like.

These features include:

Plan options for high-speed Internet

In order to ensure every customer is able to find a suitable option for their digital needs, Onic offers a variety of high-speed data plans.

Experiences designed with digital in mind

By managing data, connectivity, and services directly from their mobile devices, Onic APK offers a user-friendly digital-first experience.

Offerings and benefits related to the lifestyle

In addition to providing users with great connectivity, Onic offers a variety of lifestyle offers and benefits. Aside from adding value to the overall experience, these perks are also very convenient.

Connectivity at its finest

With Onic, users can stay connected everywhere in Pakistan through seamless network coverage.

The Onic APK can be used in the following ways:

  • Download and Install: Get the app and install it on your device by downloading it from the given download link or the official website.
  • Sign-Up: Providing your mobile number and providing the necessary information will enable you to sign up for an account on the app.
  • Choose a Plan: Find the best high-speed data plan for your needs and preferences among Onic's variety.
  • Experience Endless Possibilities: Discover endless opportunities for engagement, creation, and collaboration once you activate your plan.


By providing seamless, stress-free, and high-speed data services to users, Onic APK revolutionizes the Pakistani digital telco landscape. Onic offers a platform for digital natives that allows them to work, socialize, and play without limitations. In addition, Onic offers a variety of lifestyle offers and benefits that make it the right choice for those who are seeking unparalleled connectivity and endless opportunities. As you embrace your digital independence, join Onic and become part of The Independence Network. Our network is eagerly waiting for you, so join now and see what the network has to offer.

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