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Tower of God New World APK 1.00.01 download for android

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1.00.01 For Android
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7月 22, 2023
135 MB
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6.0 and up
Role Playing

The innovative reimagining by Netmarble of the Tower of God will take you on an extraordinary adventure.

Immerse yourself in a world of breathtaking visuals and immersive animation that will captivate both old and new fans alike.

Experience the adventures of Bam, Khun, and Rak, beloved characters from the original Webtoon. Gather a formidable team to handle the Tower of God's challenges with a multitude of intriguing supporting characters.

Your characters can be amplified with the power of Shinsu Links. In the past, upgrading individual characters was tedious and time-consuming. Using the innovative Loot system, you will be able to acquire upgrade materials without having to grind alone, which will make playing the game more enjoyable.

There is no constant grind required to earn rewards in Tower of God New World APK. You can progress at your own pace and savor the fruits of your labor as you log off and patiently await the bountiful rewards that await.

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The gameplay mechanics are immersive

Aside from deciding when to activate your ultimate skill, the combat is similar to classic idle games. It is also possible to automate this process. Building your team and selecting your characters take most of your time.

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Roles and elements are two crucial characteristics of characters. Stronger elements do more damage and weaker ones do half. As a rule of thumb, elements operate on a rock-paper-scissors system. A team that is composed of characters that share identical elements will also benefit from specific buffs. A buff becomes more powerful when there are more characters of the same element.

Gameplay starts to shine when you start playing roles. Three frontline fighters and two backline fighters make up a 5-member team in a 3-2 formation during combat. It's important to plan which characters you want to position on the frontline as melee tanks and ranged damage dealers and which characters you want to position on the backline as support characters and ranged damage dealers.

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Multiple game modes to choose from

There are many different game modes in Tower of God New World APK to keep players entertained. As the story of the Tower of God saga unfolds, the Story Mode faithfully recounts it. Adventure Mode tests your abilities by pushing you up floors, defeating adversaries as you go. Additionally, there are Trail Areas, Arenas, Conquest Modes, and Battle Facilities in the Expedition section.

Remember to check out the gacha system, where iconic Tower of God characters can be summoned. Among the cool features is the ability to select five characters from the SSR pool, which will increase their summon rate. For those aiming for specific characters, this is a real bonus.

Upon reaching 100 pulls, you'll receive an SSR bonus and have the option to choose an SSR character. You'll earn an SSR+ bonus if you summon 200 characters, allowing you to switch the summoned character if your original choice was not available.

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Explore the Tower of God on an exciting journey

With Tower of God New World APK, you're immersed in the world of the popular Webtoon and get a fascinating experience in the process. There's no doubt that this game is worth a shot because it has stunning graphics, a captivating story mode, and innovative gameplay mechanics. The Tower of God is a thrilling experience you won't want to miss!

An engaging game and a team-building activity

Its combat does not require players to interact persistently as an idle game. Players can automate their ultimate skills when they are ready to use them, and they can determine when to use them. In this course, teams are built and the best team members are selected.

Two primary characteristics define a character in a game: their role and their element. An element with a higher strength increases damage, while one with a lower strength decreases it. If there are a sufficient number of characters with the same element in your party, the buffs will be strengthened with each addition.

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