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Project L APK 1.04 Download for Android

App By:
1.04 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 21, 2023
22.7 MB
Required Android:
4.4 and up

An action RPG mobile game, Project L APK is a great way to spend your time. A beautiful graphics package, an intriguing storyline, and an engaging combat system are all present in the game.

It is the early morning of a holiday weekend and you are on the lookout for an abandoned hospital in the mountains. Abandonment of the hospital took place months ago. Several rumors claim that strange beings live inside. The majority of people do not know what happened there, and the ones who do not tell anything about what happened. It is your duty to find out what has happened.

Experience a terrifying first-person experience. Investigate what happened at the hospital against an unknown enemy. Put traps in the environment using objects from the environment. The enemies can be stopped, tracked, or killed with three different traps.


With Project L APK, players become heroes in a fantasy world filled with surprises and unpredictable outcomes. Combating dark forces that threaten the world will be part of the missions players will complete.

To defeat enemies and collect valuable items for upgrading their characters, players will use a variety of skills and weapons. The combat system of the game is unique, enabling players to attack and defend in their own way, creating a varied and exciting gameplay experience.

Colorful screens and impressive special effects accompany Project L's beautiful and detailed graphics. There is a rich storyline to this game and it takes you into an unpredictable and surprising fantasy world.

Amazing features you will get in Project L APK

  • Imagine yourself as a superhero in an unpredictable and surprising fantasy world.
  • Various skills and weapons are available in the combat system.
  • Players can explore the world and collect valuable items through the game's mission system.
  • In-game item collection for character upgrades.
  • Players can engage in dramatic battles through the PvP feature.
  • Guilds enable players to cooperate and connect with each other.

  • An impressive display of colors and special effects, with stunning graphics and detailed screens.
  • This game is small in size and can be played both online and offline without a connection to the internet.
  • Maintain an engaging and interesting experience with regular updates that add new content, features, and events.

Furthermore, Project L APK offers a PvP system that lets players engage in dramatic battles with each other. The guild feature allows players to interact and cooperate with one another, allowing them to interact and cooperate with each other.

Aside from side quests, collecting items, and character upgrades, the game has other features as well. In-game activities and events can be completed alone or with others.

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