The King of Summer APK

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App By:
No Try Studios
0.3.5 For Android
Updated On:
Aug 01, 2023
401.7 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up

It's time to celebrate summer with The King of Summer APK, a visual treat that takes place in a sunny resort and is geared towards adults. Players embark on an exciting summer vacation at a luxury resort at the uncle's Naval Treasure resort in this game aimed at an adult audience. An engaging tale of seduction, forbidden relationships, and unexpected twists, this Visual Novel offers charming cartoon-style graphics. A journey toward a surprisingly happy ending awaits you in this world filled with desire, lust, and unexpected twists and turns.


The summer vacation of Satoshi and Mary is about to begin for a college couple who are deeply in love. Satoshi's excitement is piqued further when his uncle Kendo extends a tempting invitation. An extravagant summer destination, the Naval Treasure Resort, is inviting you to spend several weeks for free.

Satoshi and Mary are eagerly anticipating a memorable vacation, eager to make the most of this unique opportunity. Yet little do they know that this vacation is going to unleash unexpected lusts and desires in the people around them.

Their arrival at the resort sets off a chain of events that awakens something dormant within Kendo due to Mary's captivating beauty and Satoshi's unintentional negligence. Kendo assumed his days as a womanizer were behind him, once thought to be a manly man. The presence of Mary, however, has the effect of reigniting his desire for forbidden relationships and seduction.


There is a great deal of text and interactive choices in The King of Summer APK, making it a classic Visual Novel experience. Throughout the game, players will interact with the narrative and make decisions that will influence the story's direction. The game has no bad endings, unlike traditional Visual Novels, so players can enjoy an immersive and captivating experience.

Throughout the gameplay loop, players are able to choose which characters to interact with and explore the resort at their leisure. There will be various outcomes and scenes depending on whether you decide to hang out with Kendo or not. Get lost in the game's stunning scenery, discover hidden desires, and capture every captivating scene you see.

The King of Summer APK features include:

Visuals that capture the imagination

Take a stroll through the sunny resort and enjoy the colorful cartoon graphics.

The story is aimed at adults

Adults will enjoy the storyline, which includes seduction and forbidden relationships.

Choices that require interaction

Influence the plot and interactions between characters by making decisions throughout the game.

A happy ending for everyone

There are no planned bad endings in The King of Summer APK, unlike traditional Visual Novels.

Experiencing and discovering

Uncover hidden desires and unfold a captivating story as you roam around the resort.

These advantages include:

  • Beautiful cartoon-style graphics make this game visually stunning.
  • A seductive and desire-driven storyline geared toward adults.
  • Engaging gameplay that offers a variety of interactive choices.
  • The narrative should be positive, with no bad endings planned.


Que: Is The King of Summer APK suitable for all audiences?

Ans: No, This game is intended for an adult audience due to its mature content and themes.

Que: Are there multiple story routes and endings in the game?

Ans: While there are no planned bad endings, the game offers various interactive choices that can lead to different outcomes and scenes.


An exciting and seductive vacation adventure awaits players in the King of Summer APK, as they explore desires and forbidden relationships at an opulent summer resort. This Visual Novel offers an adult audience a unique gaming experience thanks to its captivating storyline, interactive choices, and visually stunning graphics. Experience this journey of seduction, and discover the unexpected twists that ultimately lead to a surprisingly happy ending.

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